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LLC First Print Yard has been an authorized business partner of the German company DILETTA  the world leader in personalizing travel documents  since 2005.

Diletta produces passport and visa printers, equipment for application of security laminating, travel document scanners. The products are meant for Passport and Visa Service, Border Service, consulates, bank offices. The equipment entirely corresponds to ICAO requirements compatible with electronic passport technology. The products are efficient, reliable and long-life and the product line is constantly renovating.

During its 50 years of operations Diletta has distributed 30000 equipment units to more than 100 countries. Accumulated experience helped to produce the most advanced equipment which is used by many governmental establishments to personalize civil passports, military IDs, seafarer's identity documents, ID cards, visas, driving licences, etc.


LLC First Print Yard supplies Diletta equipment and its consumables, also performs repairs and maintenance. The consumables and spare parts are available at Moscow warehouse. Our engineers took a training course at the manufacturing facility.