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Smart cards. Security document forms. Security controlled documents

In 2012 LLC First Print Yard launched own production of smart cards.

The company is certified for manufacturing and personalization of the following cards: Mir (Payment national system), MasterCard (Ministry of Transport) and digital tachograph cards (European Tachography Standard). We are granted a resolution of Moscow Information Technology Department to produce information system electronic identifiers Entrance and lunch in the educational sector. From 2012 till 2016 LLC First Print Yard was the key producer of Universal electronic card.


The factory of full circle processing uses up-to-date technologies and modern efficient equipment. This allows us to make contact, contactless and dual interface cards, cards with a magnetic stripe and unique means of visual and digital security. The rage of LLC First Print Yards products includes identification, payment, transport cards, electronic entrance permits, decoding key carriers.

The companys advanced achievements in the field of security printing industry and printing technologies refined during many years of experience are transferred to the card production area. For card production we use such counterfeit security features as guilloche elements, rainbow printing, microtexts, protecting rastrs, also elements made with colourswitch and luminescence paints, latent images etc.

LLC First Print Yard uses high-quality materials from the best suppliers of PVC, PC, teslin, and their combinations. That gives an opportunity to receive products with high wear resisting properties and long shelf life. Herewith variable methods of graphical personalization can be implemented on the cards: laser engraving, retransfer printing and inkjet printing.

Having own printing production facilities we can provide the cards with absolutely unique optical security features which are nearly impossible for violators to reproduce.