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Smart cards. Security document forms. Security controlled documents

Styling concept of the form of a security document is developed by our enterpriseТs designers strictly personally in accordance with the customerТs demands.

Ѕланки ценных бумаг


SForms of security documents are made on unique paper, manufactured at Goznak against a special order. A watermark pattern is a solid brighten and darken geometric ornament that is used by our enterprise only. The paper contains cotton fibers, polymer thread with microtext, overt and covert secure fibers.

Security level

Ѕланки ценных бумаг. ѕервый печатный двор

Forms of security documents are produced in strict compliance with requirements of Decree (Finance Ministry) number 14н dated 7 February 2003.

Detailed description of security features is presented in Certificate of Quality given to the customer together with the product issue.