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Smart cards. Security document forms. Security controlled documents

We have been producing tickets with counterfeit protection for sport venues, concerts, festivals for a long period.

Входные билеты. Первый печатный двор

Controlled accountance during manufacturing is a trust-worthy guarantee against illegal issue.

Authorization of every ticket is set up by time of the event, grand stand, section, seat etc. Bar coding doubles the information on the ticket and lets the ticket registration at the control point be automated.

The ticket is provided with punch holes for control and for the ticket counterfoil, so the tickets of the same row can be joined within a book. Tickets to VIP- zone can be protected additionally with relief stamping or pressing holographic foil.

Входные билеты Parter

Our enterprise is always ready to design and produce gift vouchers. There may be security holographic foil, personal number, barcode indicated on them.

Подарочные сертификаты. Первый печатный двор